Coaching is a powerful, thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to improve their outlook on life and create their own vision to maximize their personal potential (International Coach Federation - ICF).

Based in Nedlands, WA, Christine provides positive and effective results for individuals seeking to improve their:

  • professional life in terms of confidence, performance, communication, relationships and leadership.
  • personal life in terms of health & wellness, relationships, self development, confidence and communication.
  • work-life balance.

With her expertise in Cultural Diversity, Christine also offers coaching in Cultural Intelligence (CQ) development for clients: 

  • working and/or living in a culturally diverse context, 
  • being relocated overseas,
  • being relocated to Australia.

so that they can adjust Cross-Culturally to maximise Job Performance, Personal Well-being and achieve Positive Experiences in living and / or working in a culturally different setting. To find out more please click here.

What is Coaching?

  • Coaching originated in the sport industry in the late 20th century.
  • The fundamental of coaching is that it unlocks people’s potential to maximize their own performance (Whitmore, 2009).
  • It is an empowering personal process where individuals develop a deep awareness of themselves and their surroundings so that they become clearer on what they truly want so that they can progress towards achieving it. 
  • Contrary to teaching and mentoring, coaching does not provide any advices or strategies.  Instead it promotes people’s confidence and ability to positively move forward in the areas of their life they crave to change.
  • Unlike counselling and psychology it only focuses on the present and moves towards a successful future.

What are the Benefits of using a Coach?

  • Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. The list does not end there.
  • Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals. View ICF Global Coaching Client Study

 How is Coaching performed?

  • It should always be performed by a trained & accredited professional coaches governed & registered with the ICF (International Coach Federation).
  • Coaches abide to the Code of Professional Conduct in terms of confidentiality and to the highest levels of ethics, integrity, accountability and respect for their clients.
  • Coaches excel at the art of questioning so that inner potential and inner blockages are revealed allowing client's to freely move positively forward.
  • Coaches are good listeners and communicators with abilities to motivate, inspire and guide people to improve their lives.
  • Coaches strongly believe in their client natural potential and ability to achieving happiness. 

 Why see a Coach?

  • Unlike friends & family members a coach is neutral, doesn’t give advice, is non judgmental and not emotionally attached to you.
  • A coach is encouraging, supportive and wants you to realize your dreams.
  • It is all about you. You are at all times in total control of your choices and decisions. .
  • You are in a safe and highly confidential environment.
  • When you feel stuck, in a transitional phase and want more out of your life. 
Because life is to be enjoyed no matter what
— Christine Smith

My Coaching Style?

  • I work with my clients on the principle that they are the experts and masters of their own life.
  • I offer a safe space for my clients to discuss and reflect on their current challenges and needs of change.
  • Like a “rite of passage” they are able to explore; experiment and re-invent themselves so that they can successfully re-establish their life balance and flourish. 
  • I have a genuine interest in my clients’ unique needs and my very strong listening and communication skills have proven very potent in partnering with them.
  • My interest, passion, experience, expertise in nursing, health, education, anthropology, sociology and cultural diversity bring a contagious energy to understanding and helping my clients to revitalize their life and/or careers.

Coaching in practice

  • Coaching is done at a pre-arranged time over the telephone, on Skype or face to face.
  • Confidentiality is always respected.
  • The session is usually one hour.
  • A contract covering fees, mode of payment, number of sessions, schedules, procedure, termination, confidentiality and a statement on the nature of coaching is sent to you to sign and to return before the start of coaching. 
  • During the session I will take some notes.
  • A follow up on your progress can be arranged if you wish. 

Unsure about Coaching or want to find out more? Click here to book a 30 min no obligation free consultation.