The Christmas spirit


As I am reflecting on Christmas, I ask myself; what is it that we are doing/trying to do?
Just like in France, Christmas is part of the Australian culture. It may not be celebrated the same way; the food, the way we dress and the weather are different, however the essence of reconnecting with family and friends is the same. We may not be able to get together physically but we nevertheless connect; sending Christmas cards, making phone calls, Skyping! It is also a time to remember some of our loved ones who have passed.  
What I really like about Christmas, apart from cherishing that this tradition exists also here in Australia, is that regardless of people's religious beliefs (Australia is a Multicultural society. Not all of us are Christians) we are all embracing the holiday season with joy and it feels good.
So with this in mind, and in trying to reflect on the Christmas Spirit, I have found this little quote:

The Christmas Gift Suggestions

  • To your enemy, Forgiveness
  • To an opponent, Tolerance
  • To a friend, Your Heart
  • To customer, Service
  • To all, Charity
  • To every child, a Good Example
  • To yourself, Respect. (Oren Arnold)

Then I asked myself: what is underneath the above words in bol? what is the spirit of Christmas? I believe it is LOVE in different forms!

So let's keep this beautiful Christmas Spirit alive and embrace it regardless of our religious and cultural backgrounds.
In rephrasing our Yogi Master BLS Inyengar's wordings, here is my little message:
Let's inhale the strength from the Christmas Spirit and exhale the LOVE (in many different ways and forms) to the people and the world around us.  
Best Xmas wishes to you all with LOVE.