Thanks Christine for a wonderful talk on Cultivating Self Confidence. The Nedlands Affinity Club members agreed that it was a very interesting subject for all of us. Many of us could identify ourselves with those moments of insecurity that we go through at different stages of our lives. Your presentation made us realize that cultivating our own self- confidence is an everyday job and we could all benefit from doing it. Using the affirmations you recommended in your presentation is a good starting point!.
— Cultivating Self-Confidence at Nedlands Affinity Club , Perth 2016
The workshop was very well structured and presented, it was great how you created a safe environment for everyone attending. It would be great to have had maybe one activity based section in the workshop. Other than that, thank you very much, I really enjoyed it :)”

“I really enjoyed the session, it covered the essential in a very short time frame, was well facilitated and Christine really spoke from the heart.”

“I thought it went really well, was super interesting, people were engaged and there were some great reflections at the end.”

“Also thought it was a clear intro to our Cultural Awareness pillar at PwC. Great work organising it all.
— Cultural Awareness presentation at PWC, Perth 2016
In depth exploration of Australian culture and idiosyncrasies. Love the way she relates to the participants with her personal experience.”

“Very enthusiastic and captivating, very good presentation.”

“It was very complete with good support, facts and examples. Very well explained.”

“Interactive and dynamic. A good balance between French and English.
— Cultural Awareness presentation: “To Live and Work in Australia” Total, Darwin 2015
Well presented and easily adapted techniques to reduce stress levels.”

“The sleep part was good.”

“A fun and well-presented session delivered with a passion for this subject.”

“I learnt the most on how to control my stress levels at work and how to relax more and increase my energy levels and productivity.”

“Great presentation.”

“Fantastic smiley presenter.
— Conquering the Working Week presentation. Healthworks, 2015
Very engaging and interactive which kept everyone involved.”

“I liked how you applied it to your own life experiences so that we could apply it to our lives and situations.”

“Very positive and encouraging which made me feel good.”

“Tips were good e.g. breathing. Very visual presentation.”

“I like her personality, there were some helpful tips, mediation and quotes”

“I like your story and nice personality – the power point - the images and the group brainstorming.”

“I found the most valuable parts were the meditation, having a better understanding of confidence, tips on how to be confident, learning how to calm and relax yourself, Christine’s personal story and relaxation techniques.
— Cultivating Self Respect and Confidence facilitation PLC Year 11, 2015
Fantastic presentation. We now realise there is so much to their culture.”

“This was a big eye opener. There is so much to their culture that I never realised.”

“Very interesting. Good and interactive.”

“A fantastic introduction towards the discovery of the Aboriginal culture. This will be the impetus to learn more.”

“Even though I thought I knew a lot about the topic I realise that my viewpoint is very European. This presentation allowed us to discover the truth about the Australian history.”

“This in-depth presentation was very instructive and necessary to me.”

“To go back in history was very important to understand the present times. Very interactive.
— An Introduction to the Aboriginal culture to a French audience. Perth Accueil, 2015
Very good facilitation where everyone could bring their own experiences.”

“Interactive. The history of who are the Australians, where they come from and how they interact in groups was very interesting.”

“I liked the interactive format of the presentation and the conclusion that makes us reflect on what we want to achieve while we are in Australia.
— An Introduction to the Australian Culture presentation.. Perth Accueil, 2015