5 Ways to Boost your Self Confidence


Why is self confidence important? Having self confidence can help you live a more fulfilled life. When you believe in yourself the world opens up and gives you what you need and deserve. Self-confidence brings you happiness which impacts on the people around you.

Here are 5 ways to boost your self confidence as practices by other confident people. The best thing? You can start doing them right now and they are free!

1. Be Kind To Yourself

Take care of your appearance. Taking time every day to look after your physical appearance is essential. I don't mean to obsess over you looks. More so, consider a morning routine where you take the time to peacefully groom yourself in preparation for the day ahead. Simply taking a shower and observing the feeling of being refreshed, and perhaps as you brush your hair, brush your teeth, moisturise being gentle with your body - rather than rushing through it.

Before you leave the bathroom take a look at yourself in the mirror, smile and say something positive like: “I look terrific today”, "I am going to have a fantastic day" or "I am great at my job, and I will get through everything today!", strengthen your posture (back straight/lengthened, tummy tucked in, shoulders back, head up) and go ahead and have an amazing day!

2. Make Time For Exercise

The benefits of exercise have been well documented. Read more here if you need some further convincing. Exercising regularly can lead to so many positive effects on your body including increased and sustained energy levels, mood, reduced anxiety, greater control over your dietary intake and can help you achieve or maintain a health weight. You don’t have to run a marathon but make a point of moving your body as often as possible - every single day. Take the staircase instead of the lift, walk, run or ride your bike instead of taking the car. Get off the bus a few stops earlier. Make your next meeting a walking meeting - that's right, get outside, walk + talk! Simple physical exercises throughout the day are enough to boost your mood and  overall health and wellbeing which helps build your self-confidence. 


3. Check Your Self-talk and Think Positively

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." — William Shakespeare

Observe your self-talk throughout the day. What are those tiny voices in your head saying? It may be useful to note it down and see how often the same thoughts come up. Having more consistent positive thought patterns will allow you to achieve goals you previously thought impossible. As soon as you find yourself having negative thoughts like "I can’t do that" "It’s too hard" "I am not good enough" "I don't deserve to be here" STOP, take a breath and rethink: "I can do this" "It's not too hard - I will find away" "I am good enough" "I do deserve to be here". These positive thoughts will boost your energy and self-confidence. Physical adjustments such as smiling, improving your posture and speaking to people in a positive manner can also help to sustain this. 

4. Be Kind To Others

Acts of kindness have a powerful effect on your self-confidence. If you are regularly generous and attentive to others, you'll begin to feel better about yourself and in doing so you will find that it will help your self-confidence. 

5. Show Gratitude

When you practice gratitude your focus shifts to all the good things you have in your life; the people around you - family, friends, colleagues, nature, pets. Being grateful is humbling and rewarding at the same time. Take a few moments each day to think or even write out three things you're grateful for. Date each entry so that as time passes you can go back and revisit them. 

Self-confidence is important to help you achieve your goals and have a happier and healthier life. Luckily self-confidence can be changed and developed.

What tips do you have for self-confidence?