CopyRight Marie-Elisabeth Gaudefroy

CopyRight Marie-Elisabeth Gaudefroy


Welcome to SantéPlus which means in my native French language "Healthier".

SantéPlus Coaching and Yoga primarily operates in Nedlands, Perth - Western Australia. I also offer virtual Coaching.

At SantéPlus Coaching and Yoga I embrace health / wellbeing from a holistic / broad perspective: mental, physical, social and spiritual. My aim is to provide services to inspire and support you to achieve your best through self-awareness, self-care and personal development.

You, like everyone else, have a busy life and many commitments. In taking time out to pause and tune inward, you will find more clarity to realign your life towards a better sense of wellbeing.

At SantéPlus Coaching and Yoga I would be delighted to work alongside you on your “holistic” wellbeing journey.