Intercultural Coaching in english or in french

CopyRight Marie-Elisabeth Gaudefroy

CopyRight Marie-Elisabeth Gaudefroy

I have always been interested in human diversity. I was fortunate as a young intensive care nurse in Paris to work with colleagues from all over Europe and to look after patients mostly from North Africa. I was fascinated by the different cultures I encountered. Moving to Australia, I decided to further this interest by returning to university to study anthropology, sociology and Aboriginal culture.

As a migrant myself, and a keen traveller who has lived and worked abroad, I am absolutely passionate about my fellow human beings, especially those who are different to me.

There is so much to learn and discover about humanity!

I have now worked in Intercultural awareness and development for the past 20 years in South East Asia and Australia. I have conducted research, taught and worked with many people from various countries wanting to do well and wanting to re-establish a happy and meaningful life / professional balance. 

I am a certified facilitator and coach for the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Centre.

Using the CQ tools and methods along with my coaching expertise, I work in partnership with individuals wanting to function and communicate more effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds (ethnic, nationality, age, function…). I can arrange for your on-line cultural values and Cultural Intelligence assessment to be done.

Settling into a new country

  • Are you finding your overseas experience challenging? Feeling at times like an outsider? Finding yourself lost with some of the new cultural norms? Making many “faux pas’s”? Having some communication and comprehension issues?  Feeling lonely and homesick? Feeling stuck and frustrated in your work environment?

  • Do you want to bounce back and enjoy your new relocation? To embrace changes with a positive approach? To adapt and develop your potential? To interact and work more effectively cross-culturally?

If you answered 3 or more times YES to the above questions, you may want to read further.

Intercultural Coaching Packages

These specialised coaching packages are for people relocating abroad and who are committed to their personal and professional intercultural development to sustain a meaningful life. 

CopyRight Marie-Elisabeth Gaudefroy

CopyRight Marie-Elisabeth Gaudefroy

Cross-Cultural Initial Session 30 mins – FREE.

This is the opportunity to meet and discuss your cross-cultural needs. We’ll talk about coaching and how we will work together. If we both feel compatible we will then proceed. This free session is compulsory before signing up for a coaching package.

Cross-Cultural Clarification 2 sessions 1 hour each over 2 weeks

If you are new to a country (expatriate, migrant) and are struggling with cultural stress / frustration, this package offers a safe space to open up, reflect, and target some development strategies to help ease the transition into the new country.

Cross-Cultural Awareness & Development 4 sessions 1 hour each over 4 or 6 weeks (online assessment included).

If you want to develop your confidence and plan some strategies to maximise your potential and experience in the new country, this self-cultural awareness and empowering coaching approach is for you. This package includes an online assessment to discover your unique cultural values.

Cross-Cultural On-going Support and Growth 6 sessions 1 hour each for 3 months

A partnership, supporting you to continue to develop, adapt, clarify expectations and maximise your positive experience and potential.

Cultural Intelligence Development 6 sessions 1 hour 15 minutes each for 6 or 8 weeks (online assessment included)

If you are a professional wanting to work more effectively in cross-cultural settings in your home country or overseas this coaching package is for you. Guided by the results of the Cultural Intelligence assessment that you will have done online; the coaching will propel you towards cross-cultural awareness, development and adaptability.