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CopyRight Marie-Elisabeth Gaudefroy

CopyRight Marie-Elisabeth Gaudefroy

CopyRight Marie-Elisabeth Gaudefroy

CopyRight Marie-Elisabeth Gaudefroy

Life is a gift, an amazing adventure full of possibilities. All of us have the inner tools to adapt and thrive along this journey. Therefore, we should maximise our life experience, make changes, take actions to propel ourselves forward and be the best at being us.

That sounds great; but life is multifaceted (health, family, career, money, friends…) and just like the Wheel of Life, when an area gets dented it impacts our life balance, our wellbeing. We of course try to repair the dent to keep moving with fluidity like before. And nowadays we have access to lots of information on the internet, lots of books on self-help, but these can be overwhelming, time consuming and frustrating- I know, I have been there- because they lack the human touch.

People’s uniqueness is what is driving my coaching practice. In my work, I am curious and attentive to my client’s needs so that I can swiftly customize my approach accordingly.

I have worked with many beautiful people from different walks of life who have found themselves a bit lost, out of balance, felling stuck, and going through some challenging life transitions. In partnership with them, it has been rewarding for me to see how in gaining more clarity they find purpose and meaning to re-establish their life balance.

In working with me, you are not going to change yourself, you are going to become fully self-aware, because coaching is a self-discovery process. It is all about you. With me you will identify what is important to you; what you love and dislike, what motives and excites you, what are your strengths and your limited beliefs. You will unlock your potential and fix the “dent” in your wheel to continue your amazing life journey with vitality and contentment.

“The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting.” —Plutarch

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My approach to Coaching

My coaching is guided within the ICF Code of Ethics and Practice. As you start on your personal development journey, you will work in close collaboration with me, your coach. It is therefore important that we have the Initial Introductory Session (see below) to meet and see if we are a good fit. 

As a coach, I work from the principle that you are the expert and master of your own life, and you want positive change. In partnering with you I will create and hold a safe space for you to discuss and reflect on your current challenges and areas of change so that you can act and reach your goals. Like a “rite of passage” you will be able to explore, experiment and re-invent yourself so that you can flourish. I will genuinely support you in your endeavours to be the best of you. As a coach I am driven to unlock and speed up your ability to re-establish their life balance. I coach for results!

We all are the masters of our own lives. We all have choices and natural talents to harvest. It would be my real pleasure and privilege to work alongside you to help you explore and reach your full life potential.

“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” —Simone de Beauvoir

My personal journey

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As a young girl growing up in France I have always been attentive to others, wondering what it is to be human. I witnessed my parents going through the trials and tribulations of bringing up 4 children to then go through a divorce that left most of my younger siblings scared.

I chose to study nursing and absolutely loved it. It responded well to my need to help people. I thrived professionally working in a teaching hospital in Paris.

When I met my- to become - Australian husband my life was amazing. I was very happy I had it all.

However, moving to Australia in the late 1980s was more challenging than I anticipated. And after 6 months my wheel of life became so “dented” that I was about to crash. I felt lost, stuck, disempowered, totally out of balance. It would have been so easy then to go back to France. But I decided to hold on and push through. In the process I found some strength and ability and lots of fears and limited beliefs.

I succeeded in re-establishing my personal and professional life balance in Australia. Today I am a French and Australian citizen who thrives in both countries.

 “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” —Albert Einstein 

In 2014, when my two adult children left home, I decided to leave my academic career in health. I wanted to undertake a different path to help people, away from the medicalised world. So, I went to India to study yoga and undertook a life coaching course.

This new journey, to work as a freelance professional, has been a learning curve for me. I am very excited to be on that path which reflects my deep core values to helping people make positive changes for a healthier and happier life.

“Just like me you can adapt and get the life you deserve. If I can do it you can do it.” —Christine Smith

It is your turn now

  • What would you like to achieve? What are your top 3 goals?

  • What is stopping you from having what you want?

  • How are these obstacles affecting you?

Let’s have a go and reach out for a 30 minutes complementary Initial Session.

Coaching Packages

Initial Session 30 mins FREE

This is the opportunity to meet and discuss your coaching needs. We’ll talk about coaching and how we will work together. If we both feel compatible we’ll then proceed. This free session is compulsory before signing up for a coaching package.

Getting Unstuck 2 Sessions 1 hour each over 2 weeks 

This coaching is suitable if you want to quickly unwrap current blockage(s), get unstuck and find more clarity in your life.

Making Your Move 4 sessions 1 hour each over 4 or 6 weeks

If you are unsettled, going through life changes or if you are bored, wanting changes to your life this is for you.  This package will help you explore, choose, develop and act towards a new life balance.

Ongoing Support & Growth 6 sessions 1 hour each for 6 months

A partnership, supporting you to continue to develop, adapt, clarify and maximise your personal growth; setting, revisiting goals and moving forward fast.