Life Coaching for Personal Growth

“The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting.” — Plutarch

Life is a gift, an amazing adventure full of possibilities

All of us have the inner tools to adapt and thrive. So, we should maximise our life experience, our contribution on the planet, take actions and propel ourselves forward to be the best we can.

That sounds great but life is complex and becoming even more

We are bombarded by information, by commitments; there is so much going on. And yes sometimes we get overwhelmed and a bit lost.

With the support of professional life coach…

…We can get that special space and time to pause, reflect, explore to then re-establish our life balance to move forward confidently and happily.

People’s uniqueness is what is driving my coaching practice

In my work, I am very curious and attentive to what my client says and does not say. I combine my various skills of coaching and yoga principles (breathing, mindfulness, intention and body movements) to assist in finding clarity, personal awareness and growth.

I have worked with many people from different walks of life…

…Who were a bit lost, a bit stuck, and going through challenging life transitions; high school students, university students, young adults, young mums, older mums, professionals, retirees, migrants. Working in partnership with them and witnessing their personal development in finding clarity, purpose and direction in their life has been a highly rewarding and profound experience for me. I love what I do.

When you work with me, all that matters is you

You will embark on an amazing self-discovery journey. With me you will identify what is important to you; what you like and dislike, what motives and excites you, what are your strengths and your limited beliefs. You will unlock your unique potential to continue on your life journey with vitality and contentment.