Health + Wellbeing Coaching Testimonials

“To tell you the truth before I contacted Christine I had been hospitalized and I had seen a psychologist who did not really provide the help I needed. To my surprise, over the telephone Christine has been able to open my mind to the reasons why I was not feeling satisfied with my life. She allowed me to find the key that I needed so that I could move forward. We had several more sessions afterwards. Today I would like to tell you about my experiences and feelings as these sessions were very valuable to me due to Christine’s methodological approach, comprehension and ability to swiftly analyze and ask relevant questions. We do not “beat around the bush” with Christine, we move very fast and with great depth. Today I feel that I have the torch to enlighten my path. Christine Smith has an amazing level of energy, she is very encouraging and positive and her ability to rapidly elucidate into great depth is amazing. Bravo! Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”

— C L. France.

“I came to this country as a refugee with young children. For some time, I had three issues that were bothering me a lot and how to go about each of them was very obscured. Fortunately, I discovered Christine Smith conducted Life Coaching. Through her life coaching, I now see clearly how to go about each subject, one of which I have already implemented to great success. Personally if anyone has a project or projects that they want to conduct and get it right from the beginning but are unsure how to go about it, I would strongly advise them to attend coaching sessions with Christine Smith and I believe they will benefit a lot from Christine’s guidance.”

— H.O. Perth, Western Australia.

“I was seeking help with a couple of issues in my life which was affecting me greatly.
I was a little hesitant as I have never spoken to anyone like this before.
Christine impressed me very much with her professional approach, her caring manner and her enthusiasm and love of life.
With just the first session I made changes within myself as she made me see my issues differently, after a couple more sessions I felt I had the tools to cope better.
I cannot thank her enough and would recommend Life Coaching to everyone.”

— P S. Perth, Western Australia.

“My introduction to Christine and coaching came through my participation in a community leadership program. It was a totally new experience for me, and to be honest, was not an element of professional development I normally would have pursued for myself. “WAS” being the operative word! My appointments with Christine were extremely empowering and very useful in both my
professional and personal worlds. Christine’s subtle, focusing, and explorative techniques together with her relaxed approach have enabled me to unpick, reflect, and improve key areas of my critical thinking and analytical processes. These sessions have also enabled me to enhance and consolidate my planning, organizational, and prioritization skills – which has been very beneficial in re-adjusting my work / life balance”

— M K. Perth, Western Australia.

“Christine is a genuinely caring and empathetic person who has a keen desire to help her clients to achieve their life goals. She has a unique ability to listen without judgement, but to also steer thought processes to a place of resolution and clarity. I recommend her to anyone who wants to be the best that they can be!”

— N S. Perth, Western Australia.

“The learning journey I have been on with the ECLP program has been very valuable to me. Having the support of a coach was good for me because it allowed an opportunity to debrief. It was rewarding having someone help you think for yourself.”

— M W. Perth, Western Australia.

“It was such a pleasure to work with Christine as a life coach. When I first began my sessions, I wasn’t really sure what to talk about or where the sessions would lead. Christine was so easy to talk to and guided me so professionally through the process that the words and ideas just flowed. What I loved about the sessions was that although Christine was leading the process, the ideas and thoughts all came from me. The coaching gave me the time I needed to come to the realisations I needed in my life for myself. This way I had ownership over the change - it wasn’t just someone else telling me what to do. I would really recommend Christine’s life coaching sessions if you would like to make positive changes in your life. You won’t regret it!”

— R W. Perth, Western Australia.

“I never thought I was someone that would get much out of life coaching. I believed that everything in my life was in order and I had the necessary tools to overcome any adversity that lay ahead. However, thanks to the very capable help of Christine, I was able to uncover and subsequently resolve a number of ‘hidden’ issues and concerns I had with the way my life was transpiring. I identified a number of practical solutions that I will continue to implement as my journey through life continues. It was not only helpful but inspiring.”

— S S. Perth, Western Australia.

“Christine, you have helped me so much at a crucial time, when I going moving from one continent to another. You have comforted a mother by opening her eyes to another path in her relationship with her daughter.”

— M S. Perth, Western Australia.

“When I came to see Christine my life at that time was so crazy, all was going so fast, I couldn’t stop and I was getting emotionally exhausting. Thanks to Christine I was able to see clearly what was going on, what I could change to make it better and save strength and energy. Most of all her care and attention, a gentle yet precise way of questioning allowing me to unfold my ideas: it was just the support I needed to recharge and solve tensions. It allowed me to breath in a transition phase and look calmly at what my options were. Her hearth full way made me feel very safe and not judged. I would for sure strongly recommend to anyone to go and see her whenever life gets too complicated or unclear… All gets so much simpler and easy after… I am still using technics that we have developed together that I could realistically practice regularly. It became a habit that is now part of me and helps me whenever I get trap in the speed of life.
Thank you Christine ! ”

— E.M. Perth, Western Australia.

“Christine helped me clearly see and prioritise tasks. Her balanced approach let me conceptualise and execute simple and effective ways to realign the business and deliver immediate financial results as well as sustainable & positive human resource outcomes. The process of our conversations allowed me to step away from short term issues and focus on the big picture and start developing a long term vision for the Company while being connected to our people.”

— CEO, Perth, Western Australia.

“I imagine that for many people, myself included, signing up for a program of coaching is a significant financial investment and a leap of faith in the coach if you have no previous experience of their work. Well, my coaching sessions with Christine allayed all my initial concerns. Every session was beautifully tailored to the space I was in at the time, she challenged my resistance and I took an amazing ah-ha moment from each one. I highly recommend that you take a chance with Christine. You will be heard, understood and get the results you are looking for.”

— V.M. Rural Western Australia.

At the end of 2018, I was feeling stuck in my life. I wanted to change my life in more positive ways but didn’t have to direction or motivation to do so. I needed some guidance. I did not know what a Life coach was, but I thought I would try. In checking Christine’s website, I could see that she had a long list of credentials, different jobs and life experiences. I had 4 life coaching sessions with Christine and found her to be very professional, kind and understanding. She was a great listener and very approachable. Her life coaching sessions helped me to challenge my way of thinking about things instead of pushing me in a certain direction. She got me to look inside myself honestly and see what my heart wanted, instead of what my head was always telling me I “should” do. She was very motivating and kept in regular contact with me to make sure I stayed on track. This was definitely helpful to me as I can procrastinate easily. I highly recommend Christine as a life coach. I believe we can all benefit from life coaching sessions You will feel great and thank yourself for it!

— SG. Perth, Western Australia.