I regularly work in association with other professionals to deliver yoga sessions and various workshops under the theme of self-awareness, self-care and personal development.

My valued associates and their profiles are provided below.


Marie-Elisabeth Gaudefroy

Marie Elisabeth.jpg

Marie-Elisabeth is a French painter and photographer. She has been travelling around the world for the last twenty five years. “Every continent holds the distinctive whispers of our constantly evolving planet”: it is through her attentive listening that she is able to feed her artistic work.  Her extensive and varied art creations reflect her unique sensibility to the world. 

Norway, Venezuela, Thailand, Lybia, China and Canada give way to Australia and its endemic lush where Marie-Elisabeth is currently settling and getting inspired.

Upcoming Painting and Wellbeing Workshop: 8–9 November, 9:30AM–12:30PM. Click here for information and enrollment.