Yoga Testimonials

“About 6 months ago I moved to Perth from Queensland to start a new job. A few weeks after arriving I spotted Christine’s sign for SantePlus+Yoga classes. I decided to attend a class and it is has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made for my general health and wellbeing. The beginners’ class is friendly and well-paced with enough variety and challenge to remain interesting. As an instructor Christine has been fantastic. She is a friendly, warm and an engaging teacher who is very patient and encourages us to adjust our learning to our individual needs and capacity. Since joining the class I have much improved flexibility, strength and tone and a generally healthier mind and body. I have been attending Christine’s class twice a week for most weeks. I now find that I miss the class when I don’t attend. I would recommend Christine’s classes to anyone.”

— A A. Perth, Western Australia.

“Christine’s enthusiasm for yoga and her understanding of body alignment carried me safely through my first yoga classes. Christine guided me through alternative approaches to poses adapted for my unique body quirks. Over time Christine worked with me to develop my flexibility and tap into the benefits of improved breathing and relaxing. Christine’s is a gifted teacher who is able to inspire and encourage those on the learning journey.”

— K R. Perth, Western Australia.

“Christine is an encouraging, gentle and welcoming yoga instructor. She has a beautiful way of helping her clients to strive to work harder in class, while at the same time taking a personal interest in each person’s journey. Christine’s encouragement and effective adaptation of postures during my recent pregnancy helped me to sail through labor with poise and calm!”

— N S. Perth, Western Australia.

“Thank you Christine, for helping me enjoy yoga again. I came to your class having had a big break from practicing yoga. Vinyasa yoga was new to me, I loved the gentle flow, the strong postures and the amazing relaxation at the end of the class. I always left your class feeling refreshed, strong, relaxed and looking forward to the next class. Having left Perth, I hope I can find a class and teacher who can help me continue the journey.”

— S J. Perth, Western Australia.

“When I first came to Christine’s Yoga sessions it had been years since I had done any Yoga. I had been through a rather challenging emergency c-section and had put on a lot of weight with the birth of my daughter. I had also been experiencing anxiety and decided that Yoga would be good for my mental health as well as repairing my body. From the very first class with SantePlus+ I felt absolutely amazing! The classes are always just the right balance of ‘feel-good’ easy poses and challenging ‘I feel like I’ll never get this, laugh out loud’ poses and always start and end with a smile. There is also the right amount of mental wellbeing worked in to the class so that you remember to focus on yourself and quieten the mind while still getting a great workout. One of the best things about SantePlus+ is that Christine has nursing experience which means that she can guide you safely through the poses while taking into account your injuries and she is always available before and after class to answer any questions you have. Since starting yoga with SantePlus+ I have so much more mobility and flexibility. My scar tissue doesn’t bother me anymore and my anxiety is under control because I am continuing to apply the breathing and focusing techniques Christine has taught me into my daily life. Yoga with Christine simply makes you feel good on the inside and out and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone. No matter your size, shape, age or injured status; you too can feel ‘you’ again. Invest in some ‘me time’ - Yoga with Christine at SantePlus+.”

— R S. Perth, Western Australia.

“As a means of promoting health and wellbeing, it was decided to offer Yoga to staff at our school. We secured the services of SantePlus, with Christine teaching us Vinyasa yoga. It has been a most enjoyable and enriching experience, benefiting us physically, emotionally and spiritually on our journey to become stronger, more centred, flexible and resilient individuals! Thanks to Christine, who encourages us to work within our limits and makes classes interesting and fun-filled. We always walk away feeling refreshed and enthused!”

— J T. Perth, Western Australia.

“I’ve been doing yoga with Christine once a week now for 6 months. When I started I found the classes difficult and I struggled each week with turning up. Now 6 months later I can’t bear to miss a session. I find the twists, balances and stretches are what my body craves each week to function properly. Christine’s practice has many poses that are repeated in that same order each week. This makes us all familiar with the poses and enables us to practice the poses in the right order at home. I also like the way Christine encourages us to ignore our minds and go inward. For Christine this is a big part of the practice. Finally, I like the personal nature of the classes. Christine is very keen to see us all achieve greater flexibility and strength and she helps us all work with our bodies to not only achieve the poses but to also do so with elegance. Thank you Christine.”

— J C. Perth, Western Australia.

“Christine is a well qualified, well organised teacher of Yoga.
She encourages everyone to give of their best.
Her classes are always welcoming & inclusive.
Everyone leaves Christine’s class feeling uplifted both physically and emotionally.”

— CP. Perth, Western Australia.

I started going to Christine yoga classes in 2015. She is very kind and has a welcoming and calming nature, plus adds a touch of humour to the class. Her classes are great for beginners as she teaches safe alternatives if unable to manage certain position but also caters for the more experienced.  I highly recommend Christine as a yoga teacher. I believe we all can benefit from her classes from the peace and positive energy that she brings. You will feel so relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards!”

— SG. Perth, Western Australia.