Young People Coaching


Another way to help young people be happy and flourish into adulthood - Life Coaching from Year 10 onwards

Life Coaching for young people is a professional, friendly collaboration between a student and a coach to stimulate new thinking for positive changes to emerge. Life coaching gives the student the space to develop confidence, to take on responsibilities and to follow her\his dreams.

As a professional coach, I support young people to blossom into who they truly are, to maximise their amazing potential to move forward with purpose, confidence and a better sense of direction.

For this to happen the student needs to be willing and motivated to work with me. An initial conversation with me with no obligation will help identify if we can connect well and work together. I offer one-on-one coaching sessions; face-to-face or on line.

 Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.  

The issues often covered are:

  • Stress related to studies

  • Friendship / relationship

  • Self-identity uncertainty

  • Body Image / self esteem

  • Decision making

  • Finding direction

My approach

I have worked extensively in the health sector as a school nurse and teaching academic. These professional experiences are broad and bring richness in my ability to work effectively with students.

Young people transitioning towards adulthood is both exciting, challenging and sometimes they get stuck.

I offer a non-judgemental space for them to discuss, reflect and explore their individuality. I support, reassure and encourage them to find strategies and goals that best suit their personal values and needs. I give them permission, time and a safe place to grow at being the best of themselves.  


Christine helped me work out a direction for my life and what I wanted to achieve in my career. Before our sessions I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and once she helped me work it out (I had the answers all along) she assisted me to come up with practical steps to start achieving my goals. Thank you so much for calmly helping me!

- D.B Perth Western Australia

Christine demonstrated to us the skills, experience, training and personality to be a perfect life coach for a young person. She is a wonderful support and we highly recommend her. 

- S.K. (parent) Perth Western Australia

Sometimes the solutions to our biggest problems in life are very simple. The problem is knowing how and where to find them! From the first 15 minutes of my first coaching session with Christine, I was reaching a level of introspection that I had never experienced before. I now recognise the importance of observing my own thoughts and thought process and this would not have been possible without the expert coaching skills of Christine. It might seem simple but the outcomes I have experienced and take with me every day of my life are quite profound. As a young adult, I found this particularly relevant as it has now enabled me to take control of the rest of my life and create a future that I can be proud of.

- H.W. Perth Western Australia